Note that the word “precedence” is used in this section rather than “priority” to differentiate the “keep until” designations from the recording priorities, described below. Resetting the box didn’t work. If you plan always to use your TV speakers, then you can make the best connection just to your TV. They might display, but once you hit ‘record’ on the software, the recording is scrambled and unusable. If you pause a recorded program, the Moxi will jump to live TV on the channel from which the recorded program was recorded software version 3.

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Users will then purchase their own drives, and, reportedly, when they are plugged in for the first time, they will be omxi for use with that Moxi, and only that Moxi.

For Charter customers, this means that both the Skip and Next buttons will do a minute forward jump.


Alternatively, or in addition, you could connect different outputs to different inputs on your TV to separate HD and SD channels.

I went to archive my Moxi recorded shows via the FireWire to my Mac.

It was a neat experiment. In addition, with the deployment of software v3. Note that making this selection affects all programs on all channels until it is changed back.

The round black mxoi to the right displays the current screen resolution, although some people have asked for a clock display.

It’s up to each cable provider to determine which of these applications to enable–and when. This situation is only corrected when the new resolution is properly programmed into the channel map, which should happen automatically.


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Rebooting should take about five minutes. In practice, however, it appears that there is always a minimum of about 30 minutes of buffered content for HD channels. Ironically, the DVR section on the Charter web site prominently promotes the ability to skip commercials. When the Moxi is set to output higher definition signals e. With an MC, furewire will eventually be able to send email, download video, play games and perform other PC-like tasks on the TV. Cable companies pay for the set-top boxes that allow digital programming to be viewed on a subscriber’s television, in return they receive monthly fees.

Screw DRM, 5c, and all that crap!

It seems to happen most frequently after a recorded program ends or is stopped followed by selection of keep or delete while tuned to an SD channel. Most cable systems have the Ticker. If you are recording one or two shows, and you catch up to live during fast-forward on a currently recording show, the Moxi may jump to the last channel you were watching or the other channel you are recording instead of just playing the live TV off the channel you are already watching.

Customer support representatives CSRs can remotely access diagnostic data and error logs and fix some problems with a software tool provided by Digeo, including refreshing or re-initializing your box.

In fact, it may be more frequent under 3.

The set-top boxes based on Moxi MC software can be designed to include a fiirewire, hard drive and Firewire ports. In the middle of a video section view, there is a Broadcom Kfir-IIX BCM chip, which is a dual channel MPEG-2 encoder that presumably converts incoming analog signals to digital for storage on the hard drive the datastream of the digital channels is essentially written directly to the hard drive.


Worked well enough, but some things were impossible to copy.

A hard reboot should correct the problem. The BMCD requires software version 3.

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Most importantly, you will need fifewire select “i” as your Moxi’s video output in the “Settings” menu. All of these systems use different server software to deliver VOD services, and the interaction of the Moxi with these servers is probably quite complicated. In addition, even if you managed to get another device to recognize the hard drive, it would not be able to recognize the content since it is Triple DES encoded.

See firewirre separate On-Screen Diagnostics topic for additional information. The output video does not include any of the Moxi graphics, including the Moxi Menu, so it is not particularly useful to use this connection with a display.

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The Moxi Mate is only available in the smaller independent cable systems and some Charter systems. Screen 3 of 3 when recording a channel on Tuner 1 and watching an additional digital channel.

The following topics provide additional ffirewire.