I tried to apply Zoltan’s hack but ended up with a system that won’t boot. Then, after reboot, it worked. The conversation is quite detailed and informative in other respects as well. Were feeling that this is a desktop OS that is likely a little more graphics intensive than what the server mobo onboard video can do. Installing module mgag as suggested by Ivo Straka’s approach n. JohnWashington ubuntu-johnwash wrote on Based on instructions found here:

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Tried, not working Andres Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled. I didn’t try with higher resolution yet.

Enabling x resolution on ubuntu mate : linuxquestions

What I found out: I managed to resolve it by upgrading to 4. I am attaching the tar. Download full text 3. Gregory Sudderth online-r wrote on I guess this is something to do with the fact that Grub is using the framebuffer otherwise I can’t see how the g00e would stop even a text screen appearing. Matrox Electronics System Ltd. In the Millennium II case it defaults to kBytes.


EXA is a newer acceleration architecture with better performance for the Render and Composite extensions, but the rendering code for it is newer and possibly unstable. Joan Fisbein joan-fisbein wrote on We have put in an inexpensive nvida card in our servers if we need to use the gui to get around this issue.

The driver will auto-detect the amount of video memory present for all chips except the Millennium II. This would, no doubt, afford a much better experience gma your new OS.


Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Gene Kazimiarovich ykazimiarovich wrote on However given these are new servers I would like to start them off with the latest LTS. My package list is therfore pretty lean: On a certified Dell PowerEdge T server http: G200d purchased Dell T, same issue.

Not supported by hardware, not initializing the DRI In the end I installed Originally Posted by gerhard Could ubuntuu set configuration for CRTC ” which is odd as CVT did find a proper modeline for the display at that resolution, and I know for a fact that this monitor supports x Last edited by ardvark71; Apr 17th at Here was there response: Shai Diller shai-diller wrote on Then, after reboot, it worked.


While I realize this won’t be a direct solution to your immediate problem, it may be better overall. Here was there response:. The workaround works fine but windows control is not smooth as with a standard 2-D video card. Installing module mgag as suggested by Ivo Straka’s approach n. With them enabled the system was completely unusable, now its simply annoying. Ivo Straka ivo-straka wrote on