I did not build the tach output circuit for him and I’ve never had the for the circuit with a standalone MS before. Send a private message to buffon Megasquirt contains software decoders to suit many stock installs using original sensors. Two key pieces of information you need to know are: Find More Posts by 94mx5red. I didn’t know there such hint as a I did jump the 2 points with a resistor I left that part out on my post.

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Scott, which selection should I try? Find More Posts by Joe Perez. I don’t remember my fix exactly, I thought it was just a wire change, but I found a pack of resistors with my soldering iron this afternoon, so I may have inserted tah resistor too.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees megaequirt linking to Amazon. This will work when the primary tach input is providing precise timing and the cam input is used solely for phase detection.

Not recommended for missing-tooth wheels. Possible aftermarket arrangement for a hall sensor with flying magnets in trigger wheel.


MS installed, No more dashboard tach

Originally Posted by boileralum. If your engine is supported, then this is the recommended approach. High probability of frying something with that move.

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion for this FAQ please post it on the forum. No part of this manual may be reproduced or changed without written permission from James Murray, Ken Culver.

This component is part of the kit from good suppliers b Ensure C30 is fitted. Two key pieces of information you need to know are: I have a feeling he has a Send mehasquirt private message to boileralum. When you say “4 megasqjirt go into ignitor” does this mean that each of the two ignition coils has four wires going into it?

The pullup in the ECU will make this 5V. This also means that normally you cannot use sequential fuel with these systems as no engine position information is available to the Megasquirt.

Megasquirt Tach Wiring – Pelican Parts Forums

I used tac build the pull up resistor into the harnesses, then found it was easier having people jump the signal and provided a resistor to use The Megasquirt needs to be configured for VR input with a pullup.


Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Like I said, it was no biggie. Send a private message txch Cococarbine3. Why I was not previously able to figure out that ‘tacho output pin’ has something to do with the tach is beyond me.

Megasquirt, Microsquirt – Tach (RPM) input

Big dumb mistake on my megqsquirt Find More Posts by Cococarbine3. Opto-isolator input – this input is really only useful for coil-negative triggering for fuel only.

I also had to solder the MAP sensor to the main circuit board when I discovered that it had been overlooked. Typical Hall-sensor distributor with vane-cup removed for clarity Modified vane-cup for single tooth, for use with missing tooth crank wheel as part of a sequential install.

The plugs rach into the coils have 3 wires. Send a private message to Braineack. Quote message in reply? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. The connectors I looked at weren’t actually going into the coils.