ALWAYS contact your service representative for maintenance or repair of the internal parts of the equipment. Push on the latch, and then pull out the cartridge. Our toners are of the highest quality and are environmental friendly. Group Entry Group Entry – It is necessary to previously enter the recipients into the group. Select the template you want to change, and then press the [EDIT] button. On the screen, currently set functions, selected functions and the copier status are shown via messages and illustrations.

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Optional Equipment Automatically feeds one document sheet at a time for scanning or copying and automatically turns over double sided documents. When pressing the [STATUS] during stopping of the print job due to an error, the drawer’s size and the active drawer can be changed in case of paper shortage and no applicable drawer. If it falls, this could result in personal injury. Using other film may cause a miagistics. Press the [MOVE] button. Our toners are of the highest quality and are environmental friendly.

Search the recipient, and then send it.

Oce 495-1 Black Toner Cartridge

NEVER attempt to incinerate toner bags. Regardless of color, all originals are color- copied. Page 45 Press the drawer button corresponding to the one in which the paper size has been changed, and then press the button imagisitcs the new paper type.


Mirror Image Mirror Image Copies are made with images completely reversed right and left. After storing the original data, you can print it at any time. Push the new staple case into the staple cartridge until it clicks.

You can make copies as desired by setting different copy modes. Select other copy modes as required. Copier imagistics C Operating Manual pages. Take an appropriate action with reference to the following. Change it with a client PC using the e-Filing web utility via network, if required.

OCE Imagistics Developer 495-5 for Im3530 and Im4530

Select the group in which the template was registered that you want to change, and then press the [ENTER] button. Controlling The Use Of The Copier With Department Codes Controlling the Use of the Copier with Department Codes With the use of the department codes, you can restrict users as well as manage copy volumes made by individual groups or departments of your company. Select other copy mode as imagiztics.

Ask your network administrator for details. Dispose empty cartridge carefully. There are 2 modes: There are 2 ways of doing this: Pull out the seal holding the staples straight upward.


Also, if the copier is left inactive for a while, the automatic function clear works and the setting will be cleared. Dispose of empty cartridges properly. Place the originals of the 2nd job. About 40 seconds later, the equipment will imagustics ready.

OCE Imagistics Developer for Im and Im | eBay

After confirming the printed paper of the proof print, press the [EDIT] button and key in the desired number to change the number of sets. Page The cartridge is moved to the appropriate position to be replaced. Return the staple cover to its original position while holding the knob. Please ensure that your digital full-color copier is not used for making copies of prohibited items.

You can access the data stored in the Shared folder directly from the client PC via network. Lift the original feeding tray and remove any misfed originals.