Originally Posted by bryanl. That just had ‘testing’ handwritten and nothing else on the page. The text at the top of the table that says that scanning is currently not supported is correct. I see there should be strong reasons for that so I removed hplip from my personal archive. HP is one of the printer manufacturers that has its own driver package for Linux, including Ubuntu… the driver package is maintained by the open source community, but has HP full support.. Please don’t leave us hanging!!!

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In case the installation process gives you an error message like this one during the plugin download step, don’t care about the message, you just need to get the plugin by yourself and to restart the installation. But I can now scan using xsane after modifying my models. Is there any legal issue about distributing modified hplip 2. The MFP can be uvuntu successfully using hplip-setup, so I propose to close this bug.

The print function works well. I ubunut that maybe the problem is not with the drivers of the printer but with the ethernet connection. Thanks for your help – and I’ll be patient! Lla lo tienes en forma de Unix.


The text at the top of the table that says that scanning is currently not supported is correct. The time now is That just had ‘testing’ handwritten and nothing else on the page.

Now my next trick is to the get the “Scan To” button working. Launch your browser and open http: Would it be beneficial to have people external to HP querying HP directly about this? It should be possible to generate hardy and Intrepid packages based in the new version very soon. Find More Posts by Tinkster. Thank you, it solved my hp problem hplip 3.

hplip 3.13.9-1~ubuntu12.04.1 source package in Ubuntu

If not, you can find experimental use at your own risk 2. I’ve just tried scanning after changing the definition in hplib to use that mode, but it doesn’t work. I used hp-setup -i to setup scanner.

You can install it easily with the software-center, search for hplip-gui Then open hplip with the h and follow the instructions. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

Ubuntu – Install HP Laserjet Multifunction (Print and Scan)

As of June 11,hplip We just need lasermet apply a certain delay before starting the service. Dear Linux users, I have a HP laserjet Mnf all in one scan,print,copy printer attach to my Dell system running ubuntu Installer log saved in: Linus, It isn’t just a problem with the hplip documentation, it is also an issue with the specification sheet uguntu the printer, and in general the attitude with most large hardware suppliers who regularly make misleading statements.


However, that doesn’t seem to be happening correctly on the one I’m setting up now. I was trying to scan from network I simply connected it in direct USB way to pc as root and It automatically installed leaked plugin.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Let hplip recommend printer-driver-postscript-hp LP: So as you can see, there are lots of new printers on the list that the drivers provide support for. I’ve just completed testing the Mnf in Ubuntu 8. Also in New Zealand advertising it as fully supported is false advertising, which is big no no Ybuntu bug is that the scanner isn’t supported under Linux, not that the documentation was incorrect.