Move the slider to adjust the audio quality. If you install Amcap bundled software or Skype, under property page you can turn the Auto EV off by the software. I need a service manual to check for potential problems, so can repair it ourselves. Refer to the following steps to quickly start using CrazyTalk Cam Suite in your instant-messaging video conference. Double-click on your friends, who are available to chat. Click Preview button to invoke preview dialog box.

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If webcam is a plug-n-play device, no driver is required. You can download a free chatting program from the internet.

Click the Timeline tab and you are prompted to upgrade for full features of the Timeline. You can download a variety of avatar content from the Reallusion website or create your own avatar from a photo using CrazyTalk Avatar Creator.


English back and preview the latest comics or link to the content store site for purchasing more comic effects. Click button to Preview the result.

If the problem is the same, the device is broken. Besides, 2020aff can also add, remove or purchase comic effects to modify the contents in the Comic Favorite library.


English Face Recognition 1.

Page 29 English Eyes: Using motion detection function, it records any movements that appear in front of your monitor automatically. You can create your own customized security by face recognition.

If your model has an open mouth, disable this feature so you Page 62 To use the Comic Effect features: Attach the selected image file to an Email geniue email. Add to my manuals Add. Audio Setting the audio device. Crazytalk Camsuite Plug in a microphone and your avatar can lip-sync whatever you say instantly.

The software password is on the back cover of the CD envelope. Plug the webcam into the laptop first before you install the IPM program. What is your global warranty on your products?

Genius Slim AF 2MP USB Red webcam | Computers | Buy online in South Africa from

Plug the webcam into the laptop first before you install the IPM program. Video Mode Video recording mode. Did you install the Genius IPM utility? English Avatar Selecting an Emotion You genihs add emotive animations to your avatar so that you can convey any expression you want during a messenger video conference. Your messenger then receives its audio and video sources from CrazyTalk Cam Suite.


Genius iSlim AF |

If yes, turn off the function. Item Mode Description Shot Still image capture mode. Can I install the webcam on my Android tablet? As for the target for tracking, please refer to Setting. I kept the CD. Animate any person, animal, or illustration with CrazyTalk Avatar Creator’s easy-to-use professional editing 202a0f.

Flip the image horizontally as a mirrored reflection.

Genius cam, Slim 2020 AF (2M/build-Mic/UVC/AF Lens)

If you did not install the bundled software, you should check Video Setting in the chat program and find out if your friend has turned off the function which causes you cannot see them. English Property page Property page 2002af user to adjust a person like property of the webcam. However, it cannot be turned on anymore.