Copying from external drive to external drive can be speeded up quite a bit by attaching them to separate buses — and I practiced this on USB 2. The plastic shell is held together screwless and gluelessly by internal plastic pins. The hub features vertical connection which is rather interesting. You can try switching cables, and ensuring you push the cable in all the way. I’m affraid to say who I am says: I mean you could keep it and use it as a USB2.

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The hub in question was purchased from eBay — and seems to be quite popular around eBay. Besides, GL integrates ADC to monitor current or voltage for port power consumption, and facilitates other controllers to manage power by accessing hub information through USB and I2C.

If throughput is what matters, look into getting more controllers first! You may have a compatibility issue with your USB3 controller see if there are any driver or firmware update for it or just an unlucky, poorly manufactured unit with possibly a marginal timing crystal.

It does have a backfeed prevention diode, which is good, and it does work with llgic USB 3. December 4, at 6: Ub am convinced that this specific gadget it is USB 2.

Before I actually review the device in question — we should probably review whether having a hub is a good idea in the first place.


If you are smart and quick, just request full refund from the Ebay shop that you got it gfnesys. Other hubs can be let down by simple things like poor soldering and poor quality connectors which cause intermittent USB connection. After updating to a more recent version, things started working better. A separate controller means a separate USB 3.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Hub from eBay

Good news, sort of — since Genesys Logic products seem to be fairly decent nowadaysbut early on in the USB 1. But now more USB 3. Looking forward, Genesys Logic is developing other USB related controllers to provide the complete solution for customers. Still does not work. This would be expected since USB 2.

March 3, at 9: It makes GL to be ideal for power-demanding applications. When I connect anything USB 3. Name Stefan Tauschek Email stefan. Voltage drop will also occur over the back-feed prevention diode which is sometimes omitted in cheaper hubs.

Genesys Logic GL Rev 2.x HUB USB Firmware Version

The hub shown in the original blog post has USB 3. But there is an external power backflow prevention diode, and what appears to be a transistor to switch between bus and external power.

But there was always one thing nagging me — while USB 3. It does work, although it could do with proper port overcurrent limiting, although this is only a minor safety concern when not powered with lgic power. Self-powered and even low-power devices like USB 3.


You can try switching cables, and ensuring you push the cable in all the way. Hubs can also have an impact on the performance of your older USB 1.

As for what hub you got, none of us can say since there are no photos of your hub. I’m affraid to say who I am says: Further if you do hbu when you first bought the hub, then if it bricks you can just report it as dead to the vendor and ask for a refund or replacement.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB Hub from eBay | Gough’s Tech Zone

The hub in question The hub in question was purchased from eBay — and seems to be quite popular around eBay. Do you have this kind of problem?

Therefore from consumer point of view, it is best to keep this toy as is and to buy a branded and reliable USB 3. If you have the flash, then there is a leaked firmware geesys tool, which may fix the problem.