To unlock the Easysoft License Manager window, click the lock icon, and then type an administrator user name and password when prompted. If you have obtained an authorisation code for a purchased license, choose Full. You can use an existing copy of unixODBC. If your system does not have a dynamic linker configuration file, you need to add the paths listed in step 3 to whatever environment path the dynamic linker uses to locate shared objects. For debugging purpose try the following flags:

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If the odbcinst program is not in its expected location, you are asked to provide the directory into which unixODBC was installed. For more information about the licensing procedure refer to the Licensing Guide.

You must read and accept the terms of the license to use the software. An alternative is to rename the specified directory.


Supported Java databases include:. This is because on some platforms, files in use cannot be replaced. Normally you should continue with the installation to install into the existing easysoft directory.

Been using your drivers for many years now and we are impressed with the quality and price of them. The integration into our databases and the assistance given with bulk uploads and a general helpful attitude was outstanding. If there are other files in the directory tree i.


Accept the default [y] to start the licensing procedure. It supports multiple concurrent connections from multiple clients to multiple target databases. This is the default database for the connection. As the tee command easysott not work correctly on some systems, the distribution includes a tee replacement.

Otherwise, skip this step. The file name format is:.

Easysoft unixODBC configure line options. Depending on the platform, you will need up to 10 MB of temporary space for the installation files and up to 10 MB of free disk space for the installed programs. The system begins to remove all the components. The entire unixODBC source distribution may also be downloaded from ftp: To do this, contact us by email, telephone or post.

You should contact Mr. There are multiple copies of the same distribution with different levels of compression. Warnings about not finding an iconv library were confusing our customers. Whenever we need them for assistance or advice, the team at Easysoft is always a phone call away and ready to help. To do this, follow these instructions. Note If you are upgrading, you will need a new license from Easysoft.



This means unixODBC will not look for a libiconv. Comprehensive documentation can be found at http: The License Manager asks what software you are licensing:. The settings that the install script attempted to set can be found in the file unixODBC.

The last part of the installation runs a post install script that lists the resources available to you. On other Unix platforms, there are two methods of telling the dynamic linker where to look for shared objects:. Select 0 to exit. Also, if you are not the root user, it may not be possible for the installation to: Log odbcc to your Unix machine as the root user.

Our onsite and offsite consultancy enables our customers ezsysoft keep their attention focused on the systems that run their businesses while we take care of the data access layer.