Right now, I’d recommend using a Magellan only if you have one already. Mobile by Rick Broida Jan 4, These require additional software to work with Tru-Traffic. Mobile Apps by Lance Whitney Dec 17, The serial cable may be connected to a USB-to-serial adaptor, if necessary, to plug into your computer’s USB port, but the connection on the GPS receiver side still must be with the serial cable, not the USB cable, if you want to download pre-recorded trip logs directly to Tru-Traffic. I’ve had hands-on experience using Tru-Traffic with a few different types of GPS receivers, and they’re not equal. The UK’s greatest tech podcast presents everything you need to know from Gamescom , as well as LG’s bizarre retro mobile and much more.

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I give them a qualified recommendation. This allows you to take just the GPS receiver out in the field, without the laptop, record you trips, then download them into Tru-Traffic esrthmate you return to the office.

Handheld Requirements OS Required. These require additional software to work with Tru-Traffic.

If you get a USB-only Garmin GPS receiver, or you don’t have the serial cable, then at present you must use some additional software to either connect the GPS receiver to Tru-Traffic or to download the pre-recorded trip logs to a file for importing into Tru-Traffic. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. This worked well and had the additional advantage that it gave an update every second, as opposed to every 2 seconds as all the NMEA GPS receiver I’ve tried.

Apple wins patent for crowd-sourced traffic navigation The envisioned system would help you plan your route by analyzing stop lights, stop signs, and obstacles that can slow your trip.


DeLorme Earthmate GPS LT – GPS kit Overview – CNET

I had many more problematic gaps with the Magellan than I did with the Garmin. This isn’t critical, and it gpss not even matter, but without such a chipset, it’s likely to have difficulty maintaining a fix in low-signal conditions, such as urban canyons or under tree canopies.

I’ve had hands-on experience using Tru-Traffic with a few different types of GPS receivers, and they’re not equal. One set of users’ tests suggest that the Magellan works fine in all the Trimble’s dead spots around the city.

You should do this buy the optional serial cable if it’s not included for maximum flexibility in working with Tru-Traffic, as downloading pre-recorded trip logs directly to Tru-Traffic requires connecting the GPS receiver via its serial cable. This received you can connect the GPS to the laptop out in the field and run just fine, but you cannot, as far as we can tell, take the GPS solo out in redeiver field, use it to record intersection coordinates “waypoints” and trip logs “tracks”then download to the computer when you return to the office.

Eventually, it all starts to work again, and it’s generally pretty reliable, but this is enough of a nuisance that I have to qualify my recommendation. So if you wish to use a Garmin, you’re mostly on your own as I earthkate be of only minimal help. If you have experience with any of these units and can offer feedback hyperfofmance may benefit others, please let me knowand I’ll post it here. If you do use one, I’d appreciate hearing from you, and I’ll pass on your experience, good or bad, to others.


This is nearly too good to pass up.

DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPS Receiver 9-pin Serial 4s

I’ve confirmed that these drivers allow the Earthmate to operate with Tru-Traffic, but starting with version 6. Sometimes we have to reboot.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. I’ve been quite happy with DeLorme’s Blue Logger, since the wireless setup is so simple. As of this writing, the figure is on hyperformancd 54 in the user’s manual.

These GPS Data Loggers may be configured to record speed, so they can avoid the problem described above. Tru-Traffic prefers this sentence because it includes the date as well as the speed and heading. It has some appealing features. Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. I don’t know if these problems persist earhhmate more current models, but the experience of some Tru-Traffic users in North Carolina does not sound promising.

Min Hard Drive Space. I’m not sure if earthmatee Magellan GPS receiver just lost the satellite signals more easily than the Garmin, or if both lost satellites but the Garmin recovered more vps, or if the Garmin was just dead reckoning — extrapolating from the last reliable reading — as Garmins do.

GPX file for subsequent importing into Tru-Traffic.

DeLorme Earthmate Hyperformance GPS Receiver 9-pin Serial 4s | eBay

They all worked fairly well with Tru-Traffic. A perhaps bigger disadvantage is that it’s no longer available except through eBay probably used. Mobile by Rick Broida Jan 4,