Moved from Installing Gentoo. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Please follow the instructions in bug for installing and testing the package for OKI Bd Printer driver: To do so, download and install the three packages and reboot. Bug attachments d edit d edit scanned.

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Jordi, Ernst, can you do the following: James Currie jameshcurrie wrote on I will try the lpadmin command and report back whether it worked. Anybody that can help? The hpijs i have uses dpi.

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Alex, I linix try out the patch in my HP-only environment bug does not occur to check whether there is no regression especially no performance problem.

Shanekpiper shanekpiper wrote on I have an Lexmark Edn.

This is a short tutorial on how to install Lexmark E laser printer driver in Ubuntu or any other Debian-based linux box. I just purchased the printer on Saturday, and submitted the rebate request on line today Monday.

Changed in cups Ubuntu: I’d like to add my thanks too Is there a mechanism in place which will cause this “fix” to be removed when linus underlying kernel issue is repaired? G [Ubuntu Bug Squad volunteer triager]. Does this solve the problem?


Bug # “laser printer only prints first job correct” : Bugs : cups package : Ubuntu

Uploaded CUPS package with the new fix for this bug and bug to -proposed. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. After recent upgrade to CUPS 1.

Its hard to tell if it goes by toner or pages. To post a comment you must log in.

Fri Feb 10, 8: If it is still a problem, are you still interested in finding a solution to this bug? Will the fix be released for Tue Nov 15 I have noted that about 5mm of the bottom the page does not get printed. Thank you so much for posting linxu fix, it was driving me crazy! Can you read catrigde toner levels and general printer info?

Bug # “Lexmark E printer when printing pdf or html, fi” : Bugs : cups package : Ubuntu

Ok, found how to reset the USB port: If I go and check if printer has printed and I try gain to print it doesn’t print anything, but if immediately try to print twice from libreoffice it works most of the time and it only prints maximum 2 pages from a file otherwise it always fails. In any case, I think it’s makes a sense to have a configuration flag around the reset before or after every job, so for those who are not affected this will not bring another problem. Felix Heinonen fheinonen-deactivatedaccount wrote on I am a hardcore Gnome user under Ubuntu linux.


Would it be possible to make a test cups package with a possible alternative fix from upstream http: I gave up on the Lexmark driver myself, as several people at Linuxprinting. I have tried to reproduce it on the following HP printers I do not have any non-HP and the bug does not occur for them: As at one point of time I had no other printer available for work, I had to use the old printer.