If you want to protect your build from crashing in different environments, let’s say, windows installed on D: I just placed the command between double quotes to fix it. So, let’s try to infer the problem? Changing back to default helped. I’ve got compiler errors for projects that have commands in PreBuild events. NET solution in Visual Studio. For me, disk space was low, and files that couldn’t be written were expected to be present later.

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So is it reasonable to speculate that error is “file not found”.? Thanks to hanzolo, I looked in the output window and found the following: If the script actually does what it needs to do and it’s just Visual Studio bugging you d the error you could just add:. Travis Vroman 32 8. I also received the error on post and pre build events. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you md that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

In my case I had to “CD” Change Directory to the proper directory first, before calling the command, since the executable I was calling was in my project directory. Salisbury 1, 10 Dmitriy Dokshin 4 Changing back to default helped.


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A command in my post-build worked when I built the project locally, but failed when it was rm on the build server. What worked for me was re-set the windir environment variable to c: I caused this error to happen when I redacted my Path environment variable.

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. It happens when you are missing some environment settings for using Microsoft Visual Studio x86 tools.

This fixed the problem for me running Visual Studio’s devenv.

This will fail on many build servers: Post as a guest Name. What is the Season to which this rule applies and is current?

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Note that episode is not a play-session: Also as mentioned on the comments to this post, if there are spaces in full path, then one needs quotation marks around the command. I fixed it by adding “;C: I am about to start running a Lost Mine of Phandelver group and I am wondering if I would get any experience credit from running it.


The problem in my case occurred when I tried to use a command on the command-line for the Post-build event in my Test Class Library. That way you prevent having to modify the solution files. To that add a check for the existence of the executable on your system at all.

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Marvin Glenn Lacuna 1 10 The new system is based on runtime and average party level. Despite the packaging, Lost Mine of Phandelver counts as a hardcover.

Ben Butzer 6 The same package includes a content catalog, listing all the available hardcovers and modules. Does this answer cover the change in DM experience noted in the answer above this one?

Thank you for your interest in this question. You can work around this by quoting the paths, thus allowing spaces. For hardcovers, use the actual runtime and the actual average party level.

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