Although the pad has a dotted pattern, its surface is completely smooth. Working with this notebook on the lap is trouble-free, as long as you run simple tasks like browsing the web or editing texts. MySN is one of the few manufacturers to restrain itself when it comes to software installation. Join Our Mailing List. Hyperthreading in turn provides the simulation of two addition CPU cores, so that the Core iM can work with up to four threads simultaneously.

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Here there might not be an entirely flawless image on the QMG6domotion was responsible for various error messages concerning PhysX, and the same could not be noticed on the Chiligreen, of identical construction.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. The built in keyboard unit proved to be very pleasant at text- typing.

Hit of the summer. The device is freely configurable in regards to the hard disk,…. Philips and with narrow viewing angles, has a bright picture. As for stability, the keyboard is OK. Even when idle it is anything but cool at a maximum of The base unit was completely made of black plastics and the display lid has a glossy black finish. So, vendors offering KHLB2 barebones will have a broad range of processors to choose from. The hinges generally hold the display sufficiently tight in place.


The maximum contrast of Finally, both touchpad keys demand a really high force and work not exactly quietly. Typical for many Compal notebooks a clear clattering of the keys was audible, but not trouble-some in use.

You’re in control Pick a loan that fits your budget. Nevertheless, some hot keys are provided, and the power button is even equipped with a blue LED.

The roughened plastic surface of the palm rests feels nice dimtion the touch. Please share our article, every link counts! This switching is carried out fully automatically and takes place as fast as lightning and without any visible transition.

Review Compal FL90 Notebook

This especially annoys when using the touch pad. The LED indicators on the left hand side of the front edge are hardly legible. The keys are indeed not free-standing and the pressure point of the respective stroke isn’t clear enoughyet the pleasant matte surfaces and the apart from the arrow keys fully-dimensioned size are pleasing.

We feel that they are quite loud – especialy because of a vibrating sound that is created when pressing them. Gaming tests with the help of Fraps: Keyboard In the review the keyboard leaves behind dimotoon tolerable impression.


You cannot find any hotspots on the surfaces of the case.

Review: Compal KHLB2 Notebook

On the MG6 itself – almost nothing. Supports dual display option and integrated TV out functions via S-Video out port. So that the whole storage capacity is available under Windows, the test system has been appropriately fitted with a 64 Bit operating system.

The display with a reflective surface is alright at predominant indoor notebook use. Don’t want to botebook anything?

Clevo Prostar PHM Gaming Laptop Review – video dailymotion

Its runtime is between 1. The illumination is rather poor at Touching the rough surface of the case it gets obvious that this notebook is not designed a top notebook. The classic shooter Crysis enchants with dimootion grandiose visuals, yet the extreme hardware demands really make notebook graphics cards sweat.

Even with newer games there are not any incompatibility issues. The brightness would suffice, at least to be able to see enough on the screen in the shade.