The distribution agreement provides that CSSU is obligated to purchase all of the notes if any are purchased. Backup Withholding and Information Reporting. Any gain realized upon the sale or other disposition of the securities by a Non-U. The characterization of securities as contingent payment debt instruments under these rules is likely to be adverse. These include a fixed income component valued using our internal funding rate, and individual option components valued using mid-market pricing.

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Determination date to be set on the trade date: Holder or a Non-U. There are no statutory provisions, regulations, published rulings, or judicial decisions addressing the characterization for U. Maximum settlement amount to be set on the trade date: Neither the Securities and Exchange Commission nor any other regulatory body has approved or disapproved of these securities or passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of this pricing supplement, the accompanying product supplement, the accompanying underlying supplement, the accompanying prospectus supplement or the accompanying prospectus.

We may decide to sell additional notes after the date of this pricing supplement, at issue prices and with underwriting discounts and net proceeds that differ from the amounts set forth above.

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Holder generally will recognize gain or loss equal to the difference between the amount realized on the sale or other taxable disposition and the U. For example, the IRS might assert that notes are debt instruments, which may result in adverse tax consequences.

Grwphic original issue price, underwriting discount and net proceeds to the issuer listed above relate to the notes we sell initially. In accordance with NoticeU. Withholding on payments will be based on actual dividends or, if stated in writing on the issue date of the notes, on estimated dividends used in pricing the note.


We are not responsible for any adverse consequences that you may experience as a result of any alternative characterization of the notes for U. We cannot give you assurance that the future performance of the graphid underliers will result in any return of your graphif. The following examples reflect hypothetical rates of return on the offered notes ps355-bc/bl that they are purchased on the original issue date at the face amount and held to the stated maturity date.

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Since the hypothetical final basket level of 95 is greater than the buffer level of You should carefully review these risks as well as the terms of the notes described herein and graphiic the accompanying prospectus as supplemented by the accompanying prospectus supplement, the accompanying product supplement, and the accompanying underlying supplement of Credit Vfi.

You should consult your tax advisor regarding the possible tax consequences of graphid of the securities as contingent payment debt instruments or short-term debt obligations.

The basket underliers have been highly volatile in the past — meaning that the ps35-bc/bll of the basket underliers have changed considerably in relatively short periods — and their performances cannot be predicted for any future period.

The initial underlier level of each basket underlier may be higher or lower than the actual closing level of such basket underlier on the trade date. To determine your payment at maturity, we will calculate the basket return, which is the percentage increase or decrease in the final basket level from the initial basket level.

Holder will recognize gain or loss equal to the difference between the amount of cash received from us and the U.

The following graph is based on the basket closing level ps355-bc/bl the period from January 3, through April 17, assuming that the basket closing level ps35-bd/bl on April 17, We will not do so until the trade date. Ratio of Earnings to Fixed Charges. As such, the payout on the notes can be replicated using a combination of these components, and the value of these components, as determined by us ps335-bc/bl our pricing models, will impact the terms of the notes at issuance.


If you purchase your notes for a price other than the face amount, the return on your investment will differ from, and may be significantly lower than, the hypothetical returns suggested by the above examples.

The final basket level will be based on the closing levels of the basket underliers on the determination date subject to postponement as described elsewhere in the accompanying product supplement. Credit Suisse ps35-bc/b, Subject to Swiss Regulation.

The cash settlement amount will be paid in cash and you will have no right to receive delivery of any equity securities comprising the basket underliers.

Holder for the related tax year may not close before the date which is three years after the date such information is filed. Thus, the characterization of the securities is not certain. The IRS and Treasury Department also requested taxpayer comments on 1 the appropriate method for accruing income or expense e. Withholding under FATCA will apply to all withholdable payments and certain passthru payments without regard to whether the beneficial owner of the payment is a U.

Before investing in the offered notes, you should consult publicly available information to determine the levels of the basket underliers between the date of this pricing supplement and the date of your purchase of the offered notes. Accordingly, the amount payable on your notes may be significantly ps35-gc/bl than it would have been had you invested directly in each basket underlier.

Hypothetical Final underlier level.