The sample you posted look to have the same resolution to me. I’m unfamilliar with the DC Hey, but what do I know? You can also try Panasonic’s DV codec. The video in question is on VHS shot 19years ago. Cause no matter what channel or what kind of broadcasted quality – the a always end up with this horizontal errors and also more noise in general.

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If you want capture audio with miroVideoDC30x, use driver 1. My support is privat!

But that’s just a guess. Thanks for your replies trevlac! There are also utilities that can change that. Can’t say I envy your situation at all.

Cause the Dc30 doesn’t have such problems. By davexnet in forum Video Conversion. Which technically it isn’t, other than a breakout box. Find a codec that works for importing the DV files. I have changed nothing with these specific files.

Try not to install too many codecs at once. So I used avic to change the fourCC code of one of the files to MJPG hoping it would dd30 use the cedocida codec to play – it didn’t work.


But you can see my problem that in comparison to the Dc30 the a comes with this “more noise” and “horizontal-noise” phenomenom. And also this noise is strange cause it besides comes also with a horizontal-noise “effect”.


For edit you can use every software that support MJPG-software-codecs. And as I do use a modified dc10 driver I have never heard about the possibility to capture in x px: So, my theory about if being: It’s been a while since I’ve used my DC30 in Windows, but I believe at one time or another I had to use that utility for something If memory serves me correctly, it was something to do with 30gig continous capture files not being correct with the official Win drivers.

If you had to install the Canopus Codec to get the files to play, then something isn’t right. How to apply color correction using the Gradie I then un-installed the canopus codec and installed the cedocida codec to see if I would have the same file size problem after re-rendering to the Matrox codec, but now the files wont play!

A captured streaming flv video file being VERY difficult to convert. The TV source samples above are samples of noisy brodcasts each, just to show the difference of noise of the two cards. Gspot reports it’s using the Canopus codec.


This money is for my help and future updates of my homepage and drivers. Wvm are easy to pick up Noise in. Anyhow what I now said above, youre right and I’ll do a really 1: I’ve never ben able to try it, nor find any other info on it, though I still hear about it.


Yep, typical Pinnacle but there is a guy in Germany that wrote an XP driver if you google. Well in my eyes the a card itself now isn’t the problem anymore: In fact, I think I must have wiped the main drive at some point and re-installed XP since removing the card likely I didn’t even have XP when I last used the card.

Possible To Convert Pinnacle DC50 Captured Video? – VideoHelp Forum

Talk about Windows codec hell It can wvm confusing considering there are so many codecs, add to that, that some applications require VFW codecs, while others need WDM drivers. Click on file, open video file, make sure ” Popup extended open Options ” is checked.

By mgdt in forum Video Conversion.

I now have a Matrox X card installed.