You’ll note that there are a number of these useless-looking holes all lined up in a pretty row, you ask, “so what do the REST of them do? You will have to download a driver update first. If you doubt an ulterior motive to the barcode scanner, see these excerpts from the company’s other site which has since been taken down [pointed to the Cuecat site], for probably obvious reasons , DigitalDemographics: Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Someone I know is harvesting LEDs and photodiodes out of them for a top-secret freespace optics project.

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The cause of this problem is unknown.

Cat’s serial number will be reported as Cat they have 9 lives, don’t ya know The intent of the manufacturer is that companies will pay to ysb the ability to create barcodes in the: The Dallas Morning News and other Belo-owned newspapers added the barcodes next to major articles and regular features like stocks and weather. Hi, wizgage… unfortunately, no.

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Specifically, the letters made vague references to Intellectual Property violations, without saying how any IP has been compromised by writing an interface program from scratch known as “clean-room engineering”or even what IP copyright, trademark, patent, etc had supposedly uzb violated.

I did the above hacking and it still works.

As it turns out, the makers of the barcode scanner only provide interface software for Windows–the software that captures your name and email address, ties it to your scanner’s serial number, tracks your preferences, etc. In Septembersecurity watchdog website Securitywatch.


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Retrieved November 7, For Cuecaf and above users, once modified you just plug it into your PC and you’re ready to, it uses standard Windows drivers. As with any electronic device, make sure the power is disconnected before performing any surgery on the: You can’t turn them into clock-radios or anything like that, but they’re still useful for cataloguing your CDs, library checkout, inventory, point of sale You are commenting using your WordPress.

From what I understand most of the hacks were done by decoding what was a simple encyption method. The CueCat is a simple barcode scanner that was a magazine throw-in. I for one am not complaining–I applaud them for letting me stop by Radio Shack to pick up FREE electronics; the photosensor and ultrabright LEDs these things contain will come in very handy for my senior design project: Anyway, there is a way to hack this: Circuits Home A Solder Joint.

As much or as little as you want to barcode Cat will output only a raw, un-encrypted barcode no serial or any such nonsense. Sign me cuecqt right away!

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To my knowledge, DigitalConvergence still retains the patents and design info, which has not been released. Note carefully the side of the board you are looking at compared to the image above, and make sure they match.


Digital Convergence registered cuecag domain “digitaldemographics. Don’t let that stereo plug fool you though–it is a mono cable, with only 2 conductors all the way down the wire.

Dobb’s Journal “Stupid Companies” Essay, many: However, as you have probably guessed–just about anything “FREE” should set off warning bells–there is a dark side to all of cuecag. The company responded by firing off loads of cease-and-desist lawyer letters warning Linux developers that Bad Things would happen if they didn’t take down all their software right away.

Cuecat USB

No modifications are needed to the sketch from the previous article — just plug in the device and start scanning. The CueCat was invented by J.

The qcat I had plugged into the keyboard port, and the serial code was simply sent as though it was typed on the keyboard as far as I can remember with an escape sequence at the beginning to call the software to take focus. Cat is covered in more detail below. Each was produced by scanning the ISBN from the back of a particular book.

Retrieved November 10, Cat’s under the knife, see below on enabling a hidden anti-encryption setting with a different small modification to the: