Chapter 9 9. Introduction The following rules apply throughout this Service Manual: F 4 Remove the control panel inside frame [1]. F 2 Remove the manual feed pickup roller [3] together with the shaft. F 2 Remove the 6 connectors [1], and free the harness from the cable clamp [2]. When the thermistor is out of order Software detects a failure, and the triac and the relay are turned off.

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F 12 Connect the AC inlet connector [1] included with the package.

An overview and the associated accessories for the increase in speed are as follows: In the course of normal temperature control, the thermistor detects a temperature lower than deg C for 20 msec or more continuously.

Be sure that the length [2] is 50 mm. Item Description Main controller PCB Controls system operation, memory, printer unit output, image processing, printer unit image input processing, rendering, color LCD controller, card printer unit interface, fax image processing, etc.

APVC is performed every sheets while the machine is in operation. Chapter 5 5. Be sure to move the stopper in the direction of the arrow to detach.


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Chapter 6 F Pickup Unit 1 Canonn Pickup Unit 2 2 Disconnect the connector [1], and remove the screw; then, detach the cassette pickup solenoid [3]. You can perform operations using voice commands, or listen to the voice guide and perform operations using keys. The conversion is based on the speed-to-amount relationship. Pay attention to the mounting direction of the sleeve bushing.

Chapter 6 F An image is formed for the 1st side of the 1st sheet and the 2nd side of the 3rd sheet. Chapter 6 F The 1st sheet is moved for registration once again.

Immediately thereafter, if large-size paper is passed, high-temperature offset might occur at the end portion where the temperature is likely to have risen. Field Remedy When the foregoing symptom occurs, perform the following procedure a. Delay jam at the fixing delivery sensor PS E The fixing temperature has ccannon to an abnormally low level. F It3035 2nd sheet is delivered. F 2 Detach the harness [1] from the guide [2]. F [2] [3] [5] [6] [7] [8] [ No. When the sub hopper requests a supply of toner, the cartridge itself rotates to feed toner.


External View And Internal View F 2 Remove the gear [1]. The thermo switch is turned off.

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When the thermistor is out of order Software detects a failure, and the triac and the relay are turned off. F 6 Cannoh the clamp [1]. F 2 Attach the cassette pickup solenoid [1].

F 3 Push in the bush [1] found at the rear in the direction of the arrow to free it; then, detach the pressure roller. Chapter 6 F 3. F 2 While pushing down the release lever rear [1], pull out the heater contact [2]. Chapter 6 1.

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F 5 Attach the connector cover [1]. F When fitting the developing assembly, be sure to fit the lower right segment [2] of the developing assembly [1] in the rail [3] of the machine.

If “Voice Operation” is displayed, that means that the voice operation board is correctly recognized.