News 3 weeks ago. The J40 has a traditional pear shaped crown that is clean as a whistle with no alignment aid or any other distracting graphics. I also want to address the weaknesses of the G drivers. Building the perfect driver was a long way off and still is , but Jertson was excited where Ping had landed with the G Think of the design and engineering resources available, such as a Cray computer… I think the next big deal is that BStone does not need to make up technology to sell clubs. He was playing the J38 cavity back irons with no hybrids, no woods, no driver. If anyone is worried about the project x shaft being higher torque, take a look on the custom shaft options on the Bridgestone website.

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Bridgestone J40 9. Luke C 7 years ago.

I personally cannot wait to try this driver and their cc model. Want Bridgesttone email newsletter? For that reason, I felt more confident with the G drivers in my hands. Tom Crisan 7 years ago.

Those that do play their products should make sure that they provide these stores with their positive feedback and show their support for Bridgestone so that can be passed on to the company to consider.

I have played the Bridgestone golf balls, e7, e6, s.


Videos 1 week ago. Steve 7 years ago. Forgiveness is very, very good, and although I would suggest the LOP score should be higher than it is, if we were to remove the malcontents from the equation, that particular score would jump over I wanted to write my thoughts down as to why I should not only win the Bridgestone J40 Driver, but I should be hired by Bridgestone and be made the face of the company and the focus of all marketing.

I appreciate the dedication to pursuing the very best in quality materials, the designs are simple and conventional,yet, very appealing to the eye, and have excellent feel! And then the Tour line. No particular reason, just feel comfortable with them. Its about time bridgestone gets some praise for their sticks.

Leonard Blanchard 7 years ago. Hell Yes, it did. I have a face you would love to club, making me the perfect pitch man for their products. Thanks mygolfspy for mentioning Bridgestone otherwise, I would have never noticed.

Bridgestone J40 Driver – Review

Bridgestone J40 14 deg Project X 5. This driver is interesting and I am going to Golfsmith to see if they have it. As George loosened up, however, his slice turned into a gentle fade.

For those that like a very muted sound you will need to add a dab or two of hotmelt or some cotton to adjust it to your liking. This is true on controlability, distance, direction and even sound and feel. Unfortunately, Bridgestone has no availability for clubs in my entire state although their customer service seemed to think that may change in Give these guys a chance and as posted get a club or two and try them out, perhaps they may not be for you, but as a decent player and one who has a lot of experience, I think BSTone deserves a chance, you may be surprised, very surprised…….


I laughed and left. John K 7 years ago. The J33s were great as the Bridgestone offering. I swear, I did it. Makes me want to trade in my r11 for a J At the beginning of this summer I purchased the Bridgestone J33 driver after hearing great reviews.

Bridgestone J40 430 Driver 9.5* Graphite Stiff Right 46 in

The B balls are very good and I play them often. Several functions may not work. Everything but golff balls seem to be very difficult to find though.

The strange thing is, with each of those other 3, I could see the results coming.