Adam luke Replied on May 24, Email Required, but never shown. At random times when I connected my bluetooth headset on Windows 7 , the sound would get really bad. I fixed this problem by right clicking the sound icon that’s on the task bar in the right-hand corner. El Dotore Booh 71 1 1. After that, i turned my headphones off and reconnected them.

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This is how I’ve done it:. Audio sounded really bad from iTunes.

Jenni 51 1 2. The speaker sounds great with my Samsung S3.

I have a similar problem. Replied on September 12, How to check that?

And then changing what’s checked in Services has no effect on the headphones. I fixed this problem by right clicking the sound icon that’s on the task bar in the right-hand corner. I went into the services for the bluetooth headset and checked the box for “Audio sink”.

Bluetooth Advanced Remote Control Service. Do you have Windows 7?

Can’t pair Bluetooth headphones with Windows 7 Laptop

Replied on November 6, It applied a fix of setting Bluetooth audio render as the default sound device and then the sound was Crystal Clear. This will disable the microphone too. Why isn’t Windows finding my device?


Serge 71 1 1.

Unknown device when install JayBird headset Bluetooth BlueBuds X – Microsoft Community

Blueuds might also have to go into the system sound settings and change blusbuds mode from Telephony Duplex to High Fidelity Playback. Follow the steps given below to uninstall the Bluetooth drivers from device manager. The result will be instantaneous! I don’t have “Troubleshoot Sound” on my sound menu. Open playback devices- click on headphones – properties – click on advanced tab on the top – uncheck “allow applications to take exclusive control of this device “.

The source of the problem seemed to be a faulty Bluetooth driver that somehow managed to mess up the protocol that bluebufs headphones work with. This could be consistently proven when trying to use Skype with my bluetooth headset functioning as a microphone and audio output at the same time.

Unknown device when install JayBird headset Bluetooth BlueBuds X

This thread is locked. For whatever reason it fixed my issue. After extensive research on Google, I found out that this seems to be because the Bluetooth protocol as it is right now does not provide wih7 bandwidth for the headset to use the microphone and high quality audio at the same time. I cannot for the life of me get my Astrum Bluetooth headset to show in audio Playback Devices. I’m using Ubuntu Maybe it is a service not supported by Windows 8 but should then appear as such Not supported Bluetooth funtion and is not the case.


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Lo and behold, the headset sound was crystal clear.

Haven’t had problems since. Great sound quality, clear sound with no background noise or CB radio like noise, and hell of a great bass. ShawnHefer Replied on July 11, Everything is working perfect now.