Write a user review. A week later, the box I was exchanged against a new one and since everything is fine. I do not use any of the integrated effects, I tried it and it did not look too bad The onboard FX processor is great for recording since most vocalists prefer to have a touch of delay or reverb on their vocals during takes. This is a table of intuitive mix with the usual options. EQ is limited to basics but quite workable and impressive Recording software and audio editing for free download.

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Finally no matter, I Motes is when even fairly standard The effects are good but they should be used sparingly if you do not want an old sound compression numrique.

I took him where I had purchased and the failure was due to non-use of this installment Better work via post to add a programe. This is a table of intuitive mix with the usual options. And Xenyx is coming Not far really, I use it also as always external sound card, I thought to buy a beginners prampli and an external sound card to suit my means made in China so I know that pota are fragile, so be careful.

If you close your eyes, most wouldn’t hear a difference Above 0dB, pushing the prampli, yes, there’s a little breath, so you need not push behriinger if you want to keep the sound pure. Everything is easily accessible.


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I do use it occasionally taken for its “witness”. Just treat it nicely and you’ll have a long,loving relationship Finally, I use it to record in my rp group, complter the sound when you do not transplanted the battery to the DMOS, to mount the new components, 1204rx became the sound card outside of my “home-studio-beginners” Given the quality of sound it gives, no one complained and everything I record has got a rear studio, it’s pretty amazing.

Use the control room function to monitor the effect signal via headphones and control room outputs. Beginners Value For Money: Nothing to say really I use it for recording, live etc.

Did you find this review helpful? I own much better and higher end mixers but there’s something really 1204xf about gigging with a cheaper alternative From memory, I think it’s rack, but I’ve never used as such I suffirais therefore a stereo pair as I usually do but if I add an extra mic, it will not necessarily going back as recorded with the stereo.

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Bin good for the characteristics I’m not going to give it here are arranged on the site Berhinger and all websites selling online. It’s meant to be a bare bones do it all mixer Rack mount brackets included. You can leave your good setup safely at home and use this Behringer gear for shows You can connect an outboard unit via the AUX send and return jacks. We must not push too gains the table for lack of breath and preferably come with a fairly high gain in the table.


This thing is everything you would hope and more – it’s worth more than the asking price in my opinion Each slice track has a 3 band equalizer to 12 kHz High, Mid, and Low at 2.

No problems hooking up and was using it 15 minutes after it arrived Tape inputs assignable to main mix or control room and headphones. It’s a big time-saver in live applications because there’s no additional cable patching.

It’s not tweak able in any way but that’s fine Quite small but nothing is miniature Manual is good and there’s a lot of info online via forums and reviews like these Fast, Cool and Under Control.