If you’re not making movies, images are saved as plain 24 bit BMPs. We used Avast Antivirus to check the file. No big deal for separate shots, but unsightly in video clips. As you’d expect from the identical hardware, the Pen Cam takes pictures that look exactly the same as the Palm Cam ones. You press the back button to pick the capture mode you want, you press the shutter button to confirm the selection and take pictures. The Aiptek cameras are perfect examples.

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On to the daylight samples. There’s Ulead Photo Explorer, a perfectly all right image organiser-and-manager which you can download for nothing, but this is the “full” version that doesn’t show you adsand Ulead Cooltoo, for making panorama pictures out of lots of separate aiptei shots.

Aiptek PalmCam (VGA) Driver driver Cameras software versions

It’s not rubbishmind you – I’ve seen much worse image quality from webcams. Get a basic 35mm camera pakmcam save up for a scanner, or find a place that’ll put your pictures on Photo CD. I can’t see how the 8Mb cameras wouldn’t be able to manage only four times these numbers, ppalmcam the 6. Alkaline AAAs have a capacity of maybe to milliamp-hours mAhso they should be good for hours of standby time – 25 days.

This full-size QCIF 32.5 that’s all you get at this resolution! If I stood so the subject was in my shadow, I couldn’t photograph it, even though there was still more than enough light to read by. There’s an internal speaker that emits confirmation beeps.


Aiptek PalmCam 3.25 driver download

You can’t erase just one image – it’s all or nothing – and you can’t review images in-camera, with just a two-character status display. And the video clip mode might be silent and palmcaam, but being able to make a forward or reverse video with a click of the mouse is still likely to amuse the small ones for quite a while.

The cameras draw about 1. Five hours of shooting time wouldn’t amaze me, given that you’re not likely to be walking around with the camera on when it’s memory’s full. The Aiptek Palm Cam Trio, that’s what.

The interface is easy to use, since there are only two resolutions to worry about, and not much else. Add a separate microphone connected to the appropriate input on your sound card and you can record talkie video clips, properly use videophone-ish software like NetMeeting, and so on. Nine frames per second is the best the Aiptek cameras can officially manage in CIF resolution. For this money, you don’t get no-power-needed Flash RAM storage.

I took this picture without flash, but with a watt halogen flood pointed at the ceiling, so the subject’s illuminated a lot more brightly than it would be in a normal night-time indoor setting. Its viewfinder’s a bit closer to the lens, so close-ups are a little easier to frame with the Pen Cam, but it’s not much of a difference. In the first case, you only need to launch the installation file, while the second scenario allows you to unpack it and follow the instruction included in the archive.

There’s no tripod thread, just a hole that a split pin pops into. The circular distortion artefacts in this Palm Cam image click for the full size version are typical.


AIPTEK and Cameras and MP3 Player drivers

The cameras set their gain on a frame-by-frame basis, and seem perfectly happy to make big, disturbing changes from frame to frame, as they try to guess how bright the image is.

With a quick level adjust and a bit more saturation, the above picture looks like this:. They’re not for everyone, but they might be for you.

This resolution at 30 frames per second is a standard videoconferencing video mode, but many webcams, including the Palm Cam, can’t actually capture that high a frame rate. You press the back button to pick the capture mode you want, you press the shutter button to confirm the selection and take pictures.

Give Dan some aaiptek Stats Webcams aren’t renowned for multi-megapixel image sizes, and Aiptek’s products are no exception. When you transfer the image data to your computer, the frames come over as ordinary stills, but there’s a simple button in the Aipetk software to save a block of images as an ordinary Windows AVI file, in ascending or descending order.

The cameras are Windows 98 only, like a lot of cheap USB gizmoes. The stats for the 2Mb models are less exciting. They do still sell this little onethough!

This will help you avoid errors and system freezes, and will also give your computer a performance boost.