But don’t worry, maybe I did something wrong in the installation process. The problem is is that these drivers are usually very proprietary and you’ll basically only find drivers for Windows. This is a known issue. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Now I’m off to get my TV card working:

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Wvdial invoked pppd and it seemed pppd was not doing its job properly. You don’t need to do anything with Synaptic except open it then close it steps 2a and 2b. GNOME networking can be a little quirky–there also doesn’t seem to be a place where you can specify an init string anyway.

404 Not Found

If you’re connecting by the wire, do you have a dhcp client installed? I am using ubuntu 7. At least I got the time for disconnection prolonged but still i was experiencing hung ups and each time with the same exit code i.

I don’t know what to do to get my modem work flawlessly on ubuntu dapper. I followed your guide and all went well until I tried to use wvdial.


It’ll take about 40 hours though. I encountered the no carrier problem also. It seems to me that having to mess with init strings is an ISP thing.

I have pasted the mail and moodem uploaded the zipped version of martian Unknown device Flags: You can see the output with wvdial and note the speed that your modem connects at. ONLY “hard modems” are really supported under Linux. So I was out of ideas, and removed Ubuntu. And I’m again not very optimistic about installing Ubuntu 5.

As with the Network settings dialog, the Network Monitor applet sometimes doesn’t properly reflect the state of your connection to the Internet. Attempting to exit gracefully Then you have to boot to the new kernel, compile the modules and install them–essentially repeating a lot of the steps again.

No connection with DSL

I installed drivers for my “Lucent V. I know this iintel a very bad description, but unfortunately I have no access to the pc anymore, so I can’t give you any details. I did however find that the modem is a controllerless winmodem unit BUT is supported with some jiggery pokery in slmodemd. But firsst find the old ltmodem.

I have a separate partition for things like that. I don’t think your modem has a DSP digital signal processor. Apple will do 5G in and it is unlikely that this will upset its hypnotized customers 801ca Apple is often late to adopt new technologies.


It supports Lucent modems out-of-the-box. The lucent modules don’t work with the kernel.

Intel® XMM™ Modem Product Brief

I am just going to try using the live cd to delete the wvdial configuration file intdl see if it will boot up after that. Is there anyway to get this to compile under a bit kernel? Apparently the HSP versions will work if your chipset is properly supported in the kernel.

I’ll try to figure out a script for the pc in question. For more advanced trainees it can be a desktop reference, and a collection of the base knowledge needed to proceed with system and network administration.

May be u could explain the instructions better, and it might turn out to be useful for the Ubuntu Community aswell. See my pandan entry.

Did you do step 3a in the guide?